Network Security

Cybersecurity threats to a business can come from many different vectors, whether attacking the network as a whole or the individual endpoints. We believe these ever evolving threats require a multi-faceted approached to detection. We apply detection methods at the firewall, endpoints, and even the browser level to ensure that as many threats as possible are detected before they become a breach.

In the first 6 months of 2019, 4.1 BILLION personal records were exposed through data breaches. with the number of breaches up 17% from the year prior. For every successful breach, there are countless attempts. The reason behind this is simple. Data now has real dollar value, both to the breacher(hacker) and a cost to the breached. It's estimated that each record stolen costs the affected company $242 dollars. Quick math shows that means there was just shy of ONE TRILLION dollars in damages in the FIRST 6 months of 2019. While it may seem like this is just a big business problem, security research has shown the number of attempts and breaches against small businesses is on the rise almost exponentially, because they seem to have the weakest security. Here at AnyWay, we believe that the best way to deal with this ever evolving threat is to prevent them, and we do that by understanding where the vulnerabilities are in your network. Whether you have your own IT department, or are too small to have those resources, we can help you in scanning, planning, and remediation of these threats to your business.

In today's "War Games" style of attempted breaches, sometimes they do occur. AnyWay's solutions to roll back a breach, detect entry points, and recover data that may be compromised are designed to get a business back up and going as fast as possible. Whether that's removing the intrusion point, or doing full server restores, we can get you going faster than anyone in Arkansas!