Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data is the ultimate safety net. Gone are the days of using tape backups and rotating schedules to keep your data secure (spoiler alert: they failed almost 30% of the time!). With advances in backup technologies, there are many ways to keep your data safe.
We believe in matching the right solutions to every company. Our comprehensive backup offering will keep your sensitive data out of harm’s way! It is estimated that 80% of small businesses who suffer a catastrophic data loss will fail within 2 years. Don’t become another statistic, let us work with you to design the best backup solution for your office.
We believe in preparing for the worst. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions can give you total confidence that you aren’t going to lose months, weeks, even several days’ worth of data. Hourly backup images are created to keep you working even when your server doesn’t, and regularly scheduled testing ensure those backups are functional when you need them most. When disaster strikes, you need your data the most. Place your trust in one of the Mid-South’s most experienced IT companies! Let our experienced team help design a disaster and recovery plan that is right for you!

The question is...what happens to your business if a disaster were to happen? Do you have access to the data you need in a timely manner? If a disaster were to happen we can have you access to your data within 24-48 hours! We incremental hourly backups to ensure your data stays backed up consistently. When disaster strikes, we spin up the image to a new server or cloud and have you doing business as usual.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Who gets called in an emergency? Who does what, when? Let us help you plan so you are not panicking when a situation arises.