Anti-virus vs. malware is a war game that has been occurring as long as the internet has been around. Every day, millions of variations of viruses are created, and because of that AV manufactures are constantly releasing updates. You could have been infected because you don’t have the newest or most up to date antivirus. Also, there are several types of malware that infect based on user interaction. While it’s hard to believe, sometimes very legitimate looking software actually has bad purposes, and acts like a hook of sorts for worse software

No, in fact we have an ROI calculator to show why this isn’t true. Most people think of their IT costs as the “hard costs” – how much they pay in hourly bills or hardware. The truth is, the costs are much more than that. For instance, if your server goes down for several hours, and you have a $1,000,000 per year payroll, just your employees cost amounts to around $481 per hour. If you are down for four hours, with lost productivity, your cost for that down time equals the hard costs plus $481 for every hour of downtime. Let’s take a different example. Say that every user in the same company spends 15 minutes per day dealing with spam. The productivity cost associated with that would be $31,265.00!!!

We know there are a lot of computer companies out there. Many of them offer a varity of services and support options to the public. There is a lot of debate inside our industry about a new set of services coined “managed services”. There are multiple providers that will try and convince their customers and prospects that managed services is a ploy by companies who weren’t making enough on hardware services. Here’s the truth – managed services is a genuine attempt by companies like ours who are concerned about their clients, who want to ensure as much up time as possible on their workstations, on their servers, basically on every aspect of their equipment. They put fail safes and monitoring in place to ensure that their clients stay up as long as possible. It’s in this environment that we make our introduction. We are AnyWay Computer Company, and it is our goal to make a difference in our clients’ lives. First, we understand that downtime equals money. Every time a client’s network goes down, it costs them money. There are wasted payroll and overhead expenses, productivity ceases in most modern offices, and all of these are factored into an office’s “technology expenses”. The “other guys” don’t see it this way. They think they are saving you money by waiting to fix a problem until it becomes something that cannot be worked around, rather than investing in technology to monitor and alleviate those problems before they become issues. We have learned, through years of practical testing and knowledge, that there are ways to monitor servers and workstations for potential problems, and correct those minor items before they amount to downtime. We also believe that through proper maintenance, many of those problems can be avoided all together. We recognize that our job goes beyond keeping locations productive. We believe our job is to increase communication in small business by teaching them to use their technology effectively, by ensuring that their infrastructure and technology is reliable enough to count on it day in and day out. When small business communication becomes more efficient, they make more money. They waste less time (money) trying to capture information and assimilate that information to the rest of the company. It’s easier to keep track of messages and voicemails, and the archive potential of that communication is limitless with built in search capabilities. When you put all of this together, it becomes clear what we mean when we say “Your Success is Our Success”. We believe it. We Quote it. We Live it. It’s what you would want, we are I.T. Your Way

Yes, 100% money back guarantee! We make money because we know we are the best at what we do! That is why we put our money where our mouth is. If you are unsatisfied with our service at any point, for any reason, call us and let us know! We will work with you to correct the issue at no additional charge or arrange for another technician to repeat the service at no additional charge. All we ask is you notify us within 72 hours of the unsatisfactory service and before another service begins. Nothing to lose by trying us out, guaranteed satisfaction!

For the same reason that a car needs an oil change even when nothing seems to be wrong. Regular maintenance and monitoring is essential to the uptime of a network, and, as we looked at earlier, downtime and lost productivity can be much more expensive that having your network managed! We specialize in making sure your network stays up and working like you want it to.