Network Security is one of our specialties. Do you have an IT provider that can’t seem to get your network running smooth? Is their average response time one hour after FOREVER? Are you tired of doing your own IT? Do you run an IT department and don't have enough time to get everything done?
Services that we offer include:

Firewalls - Enterprise grade firewalls to create a secure environment. Secure SD-WAN, POE. Network Segmentation with VLANs. TLS/SSL decryption, remotely provisioning of device through the cloud.

Anti-Virus - Complete Virus Protection. Automatic Updates, Endpoint management portal. Our anti-virus has lower resource utilization for faster computer use.

Anti-Malware - One of the latest threats to arise in the tech industry is ransomware. Attacks continue to rise but our multi-layer protection minimizes your risk.

Anti-Ransomware - Over 250,000 new malicious programs are created daily. Nearly half of all consumers worldwide have been victims of cybercrime. Our software keeps you protected 24/7/365.

Spam Filtering - Stop threats before they get to you. Attachments from unknown people are where alot of viruses come from. Our spam filter is top of the line. We can modify your settings to low or high sensitivity.

Vulnerability Scans - Our vulnerability scans are designed to help you or your internal IT identify the weaknesses in your computers, network, or applications.

Penetration Testing - Also known as a pen test, it is an authorized simulated cyber attack that we perform on your network to evaluate the security of your system. We also provide you with a plan to correct the weaknesses or pass it along to your IT for them to correct.